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Adaptive Tactics Defense Training

"I had the fortunate opportunity to take Adaptive Tactics' self-defense class at the University of Northern Colorado over the course of 8 weeks. Ryan led the self-defense class well, involving everyone in the class to learn the correct technique, and modeling the technique multiple times to allow for maximum learning. He also did a good job of explaining when the technique could be used, and the best possible time to use it if anyone was ever in that situation.  His technical explanation of the tactic also involved explaining why the technique was good to know, and how it could potentially help in certain real-life situations. I went into the classes knowing self-defense techniques, and protection techniques, because I have attained a second degree black belt, however I felt that every class I went to allowed me to learn way more than I ever felt I would ."  --Olivia J. (Greeley, Colorado)
"Adaptive Tactics is amazing! It lives up to its name. What you learn here can be adapted to almost any situation you can think of. Weapons defense, groundwork, grappling, and etc. that are easy to learn and are very efficient. They don't require previous martial arts skill.
This stuff is the real deal. You won't be disappointed in what you learn for the money you put into it. The best part is that body type doesn't matter. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and this self-defense class takes advantage of all of your strengths. I give this place a 10/10."  --Dylan C. (Greeley, CO)

"I can honestly say that Adaptive Tactics taught one of the most fun and educational self-defense classes I've ever taken." --Katy H. (Estes Park, CO)