Courses Offered:

The Lion's Den - $$120.00 / month

Improve your self-image, learn life-saving skills, and build physical strength in The Lion's Den!  Too old?  Out of shape?  Not at Adaptive Tactics!  No matter your age, physique, or ability level our classes will teach you how to use your body effectively to defend yourself.  Whether you're an experienced martial artist, or have never stepped foot in a self-defense class, you will learn natural movements and techniques to protect yourself from a wide variety of threats.  Our experienced instructors will teach you hand-to-hand fighting techniques, weapon disarms, grappling, and strategies for preventing confrontation before it starts.

The Lion's Den meets weekly on Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 PM.  $80.00 per person per month, or $10.00 drop-in fee.  The first two classes are free, so call today to sign up risk free!

My Safety Now - $35.00 Individual, $55.00 Pair

My Safety NOW! is a two hour crash course that teaches students some of the most important and versatile self-defense techniques from our Freedom For Life course.  If you're looking for a fast, easy, fun way to go home feeling safer tonight, this class is for you!  If you love this class as much as we hope you will, and decide that you want to continue with our more in depth Freedom For Life class, the cost of My Safety NOW! will be applied to your tuition.  That's two great classes for the price of one!  Sign up with a friend today for a special partner discount!

Freedom For Life - $130.00 Individual $230.00 Pair

Freedom For Life is tailored specifically to prepare you to respond to sexual assault, kidnapping, robbery, and other kinds of violence that we hope never to face.  This class is presented in a fun, but highly effective manner to give you a practical self-defense education that actually WORKS, and techniques that you'll actually REMEMBER.  Training with a friend gives you someone to practice with, and makes everything more fun, so call today and sign up with a buddy!

What will I learn?

  • Simple, effective, instinctual techniques
  • Strikes and kicks
  • Weapon disarms
  • Sexual assault defense
  • Defense against multiple attackers
  • Situational awareness and avoidance tactics
  • How to use ordinary objects for self-defense
  • How to defend your friends and family
What should I bring?
  • Water
  • Comfortable athletic clothing
  • A friend or family member

Private Firearms Lessons - $20.00/hour

Private Firearms Lessons
Cost: $20/hour

If you don't enjoy group classes, or just want to develop their shooting skill at your own pace, private lessons are a great option for you.  Everyone has their own personal difficulties no matter how much firearms training they've had.  Let our experienced, skilled instructor coach you through your rough spots and help polish your shooting skills through a variety of drills and exercises personalized to your skill level and preferences!  Call today to sign up!

This training is set by arranged appointment only so Email, Call or Text 970-518-5266 to setup your training session.

Private self defense lessons - $40.00/hour

Private Self-Defense Lessons
Cost:  $20/hour

Don't like big groups?  Prefer one-on-one training?  Private self defense lessons are the way to go!  Highly customizable and individualized, private lessons allow you to work at your own pace, have all of your questions answered, and focus on more specific situations than a standard class.  Small group discounts available for 2-5 students.  Call today to enroll!

This training is set by arranged appointment only so Email, Call or Text 970-518-5266 to setup your training session.

Freedom For Life (Continued) - $0.00

This is a continuation of the Freedom For Life class.  If you are interested, please register for the original class shown on the calendar in dark blue.  If you have already registered for the original class, you are also registered for this continuation.  Thanks!