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     Adaptive Tactics self-defense classes are unique because rather than focusing on flashy, complex, competition style techniques that offer little effectiveness, our techniques are easy to learn, and 100% real-world tested.  You won't find techniques that require months of training and involve multiple steps like other martial arts classes, instead you'll learn techniques that can be used after the very first class you take with us.

     Our mission is to give our students the freedom to live unafraid, the confidence that they can be safe anywhere, and the power to protect themselves from any attack or threat. We do this by providing effective, easy to remember, and fun self-defense education that addresses a variety of threats including hand-to-hand fights, assault by armed attackers, sexual assault, and chokes, grabs, and holds.

    Self-defense means something different to each of our students, and we aim to provide the training and knowledge to meet a variety of education goals.  Whether you're looking for training to use a  firearm to defend yourself or others, or you want to learn to defend yourself without use of a weapon, we know you'll find the solution with us!

Adaptive Tactics Defense Training

     Our instructors are highly skilled, friendly and professional, and our classes are competetively priced.  Shouldn't learning important skills like how to carry a firearm safely, how to defend yourself and your loved ones, and how to think tactically not only be effective, but FUN too?  We think so; and we think you'll see and feel the difference in our friendly, relaxed, open environment that not only promotes safety and discipline, but also provides an enjoyable and professional experience.

Because we're a Veteran Owned and Operated business, veterans, active duty military, and reservists will receive a 25% discount on any of our classes and services with valid ID or DD-214.

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